ag体育:这才叫智能电动车! 能变形还能横着开!

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as cities continue to grow at a dizzying rate,commuters are constantly battling ever-increasing congestion on the roads and a lack of parkik Juss随着城市以惊人的速度发展,通勤党也更加被困在下班路上的交通堵塞和停车空间严重不足等问题上。but now a team of german engineers have come up with an ingenious solution-a flexible electric vehicle capable of shrinking,Driving sideways但是德国的一个工程师团队想起了精密的解决方案——的“灵活”电动汽车。

需要前端,要横向(像螃蟹一样)进入,要在大空间里弯道。the EO smart connecting car 2 is an innovative design from dfki robotics innovation center,based in bremen,Germany,Where a team of soft该EO Smart Connecting 2电动汽车由由软件开发人员、设计师、电子和结构工程师组成的德国不来梅机器人技术创新中心开发,名为First announced in 2012,The Team Have Moved onto Their Second Iteration of the Vehicle这辆电动汽车于2012年首次发布,随后团队发布了最新版本。it drives like a traditional car but because each wheel is powered by its own motor,it also has the capability of driving sideways,Allowing ithe adds 3360 the whole process-the transition between normal driving and driving sideways-takes about four seconds。他补充说:“The prototype has a top speed of 65km/h and can travel 50 to 70 kilometers(30 to 44 miles)on a single four-hour full charge of The batters。


” which makes it almost as small as a bike in length . and with this kind of feature you can go into very tiny parking spaces,He are still able to 通过这个功能可以进入更小的停车空间。他说:“例如,可以当场将车连接到弯曲的道路、纵向通行和充电站。




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