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ag体育平台:Home medical devices,as opposed to fitness products like activity-measuring wrist bands,have too often been stuck in the past,ee智能手机的硬件及软件虽然迅速提高,但与体育、监测、腕带等健美产品的进展相比,家庭医疗类设备仍停留在过去。A prime example is the device used by diabetics,A small gadget called A Glu cometer that analyzes A tiny drop of blood . diabetics use these several最糟糕的例子是糖尿病患者使用的一种叫做“血糖测量仪”的小仪器。


most Glu cometers use ancient technology that provides only a snapshot of information . and most lack wireless connections for easily transmittions许多糖尿病患者仍然依赖纸和笔记录结果。ive been reviewing two diabetes meters that aim to change that . both are able to instantly send results to a smart phone over a bluetooth wireless com CTT我还在测试两件事,两台机器都可以通过蓝牙无线连接将结果立即发送到智能手机。此外,还获得了收集和分析数据以及掌握一段时间内用户指标变化的适当应用程序。

这两个应用程序都可以在手机上向医生或其他人发送报告。one is the ihealth wireless smart Glu co-monitoring system,And comes from a company of the same name that also makes other products that aim the.ts more of a tech company than a standard medical-device company。其中一个是iHealth无线智能血糖监测系统(Wireless Smart Gluco-monitoring System),他们还生产其他产品,以获得与身体健康相关的一系列数字检测设备。他们看起来比标准医疗设备公司更像技术公司。

the other is the one touch verio syncmeter and comes from lifescan Inc .A Johnson Johnson company that is A leader in the glucose-monitoring另一个是OneTouch VerioSync Meter,r & d LifeScan Inc。Ive been testing both products for a few days,And both work as advertised . both are FDA appa这两种设备都得到了美国食品药品监督管理局(FDA)的批准,但一起使用的话不同,设施的应用也不同。The ihealth meter is available now,while the life scan product is set to come out early next year . ihealth血糖仪目前已经上市,LifeScan产品将于明年年初上市。

I can recommend either for diabetics whod like to know more at a glance,And tie their most important health-tracking device into their sophiie这两种产品都可以推荐给糖尿病患者,一次性了解更多信息,尤其是最重要的身体健康监测设备,连接到高级设备的手机上
onecave at : these two new meters are only partial steps toward improving diabetes care . users will still need to prick their fingers multiple daiile中需要警告的是,用户仍然需要每天多次刺伤手指进行血液检查。这两台机器都是用来重复使用试卷的,医疗保险不支出,一次性支出1美元以上。the verio sync looks like a traditional meter . its a rectangular white plastic device with a large,Black inset screen that presents the glucose recurvy white device with a blank white surface on which the reading appears in fainter blue type . verio sync看起来像传统的血糖仪。


有粗弧形形状的白色装置,值用浅蓝色字体表示白色表面。life scans new meter works only with apples IOs devices-iphones,ipads And ipod touches . its expected to cost $ 20 at launch,And $如果医疗保险不支出,预计一箱25张试卷将以40美元的价格出售。


the I health meter works with both apples devices and seven Android phones . it costs $ 80 for a kit that includes the device,50 strips,AndiHealth的血糖仪仅限于苹果设备和7部Android手机,成套设备售价80美元,还包括设备、50张试卷和其他配件。医疗保险不支出,一箱追加试卷50张,价格50美元。As with any bluetooth device,like a headset,you have to pair these meters with your phone . I found this easier with The verio sync . is The verio就像耳机等其他蓝牙设备一样,要用手机筛选这个血糖仪。我发现VerioSync的过滤比较简单。

此外,每当您在蓝牙范围内时,当您想开始测试时,VerioSync的新连接手机也变得更加方便。IHealth的应用总是让我按设备上的按钮扩展新的连接。both meters can be used when out of range of the smart phone to which they are paired . in these cases,the meters save the readings,And then sync如果超出过滤后的智能手机的蓝牙范围,还可以使用两个血糖仪。


但是两家公司都表示,无法在自己的设备上无线使用实时数据。traditional meters use small batteries that can last months . a downside of these two bluetooth meters is that they dont use removable batteries as T belifescan says its meter lasts up to two weeks between charges。传统的血糖仪用于持续数月的小型电池。



LifeScan表示,他们的仪表一次电池至少能坚持两周。I found the life scan verio sync app to be richer and easier to understand . at a glance,It shows you a color-coded bar that tells you what percentager找到了LifeScan,这个应用程序直观地颜色条显示,在过去14天里,你处于最佳血糖范围之外的时间比例。可以快速查看自己的平均数字和其他数据。

页面这些图标可以查看更多详细信息。theres also a logbook that shows readings,and patterns of readings,over 14 days,Or grouped by time of day . you can manually add readings该应用程序还有一个表示14天的日志,您可以手动添加用其他血糖仪测量的数字,根据医生的建议自定义目标血糖范围。可以通过电子邮件发送测试数据的照片,甚至是表格。

The ihealth app is plainer,and more table-based,Though it does include a simple graph to show trends . it also lets you manually enter reenter您还可以通过电子邮件发送以表格或图形表示的测试结果,或将其发布到社交网站上。另外,iHealth的电子邮件还包含以电子表格关闭的附件。

A big difference is that,when you are in bluetooth range,The I health app walks you through The test-taking process on The screen of The peph with即使在蓝牙范围内,VerioSync也适用于只接受检测值和不拒绝分割。With iHealth,You also get access to a browser-based cloud dashboard that collects data from all of the companys devices You might own . but I foundiHealth还允许您从所有可以通过基于浏览器的云计量器享受的iHealth设备收集数据。但是我发现血糖部分有点初级。

而且,你仍然不能通过电子邮件共享测试结果,也不能允许别人终端你的云账户。either of these meters could make disease management easier for diabetics with smart phones . but the snails pace of improvement in these devices|ag体育平台。


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