ag体育_外貌协会交友网站被黑 百万帅哥美女资料外泄

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ag体育平台|,an elite dating website for The exclusively good looking,Has Reportedly Had The Private Data of More than 1 Million up据悉,超过100万名用户的隐私数据被泄露。the breach leaked information such as addresses,sexual preferences and in comes,as well as millions of private messages,sold online该公司表示,数百万申请人拒绝受理,数千名会员在登记后因体重增加而被免职。the site claims to be ” the largest dating community of attractive people in the world ” and to have spawned 700 marriages。

该网站支持他们“世界上唯一的It says several members have been”discovered”on the website and gone on to jobs in TV or modelling . in 2011,It claimed that a2011年,该网站被“monster slake”病毒攻击,数千名资格过多的人再次加入该网站,之后这个愤怒的回答被吃掉了。 was originally hacked in December,when The breach appeared to be confined to a database of test accounts . however The data安全专家特洛伊亨特对《福布斯》说:“起初,beautiful people.现在实际用户的数据在网上销售。dozens of different details are reportedly included in the leak,among them education,phone numbers and location data。

据报道,泄漏的信息包括:More damaging,however,can simply be the existence of a profile on a dating website,Especially for those who may not want theially.meaning us government employees used their work email addresses to sign up。亨特先生说,泄漏的电子邮件地址中有170个是“。以“gov”结尾,说明美国公务员用自己的工作场所电子邮件地址注册了约会网站。

there are also 170 . gov email addresses in the beautiful people breach . I keep seeing a heap of gov stuff where it probably should nt be.

-Troy Hunt (@ Troy Hunt) April 25,2016 3354特洛伊猎人(@troyhunt)2016年4月25日Ashley A dating website exclusively for married peooly去年为未婚人士寻找婚外情的约会网站 reiterated a statement from December about the hack being limited to a test server but has not commented on claims TT:ag体育平台。


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