ag体育:三大运营商全部取消漫游费 流量时代对业绩影响不大

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ag体育:Chinas major telecom operators have announced plans to cancel domestic roaming charges as they are instead turning to 4g services as a major source of中国主要通信运营商已经宣布停止国内游资的计划,他们将4G服务转变为主要收益来源。China mobile communications corp,the countrys largest telecom operator,Recently Said They Willstop Charging Domestic Roaming Fees by ty仅次于中国的通信公司中国移动通信集团(China Mobile Communications Group)最近表示,将在今年年底之前停止缴纳国内游览费。Since July,they have stopped selling service packages that include domestic roaming charges on cross-province phone calls。

7月以后的Mobile users are currently charged 0.6 yuan(9 cents)to 0.8 yuan per minute for the roaming service under different payment schemes。目前This nearly doubles costs for subscribers,which angers consumers . industry regulators have also urged operators to gradually abolish feed行业Chinas major telecom operators saw their net profit grow at remarkable pace in the first half of this year the with 4g services developing rapidlyG服务发展缓慢,4G用户快速增长下降,中国主要电信运营商今年上半年净利润大幅增长。In July,中国电信munications corp,Chinas third Largest mobile tele communication provider,Announced it will cancel roaming foranalysts said that eliminating roaming fees will not incur big losses for operators,As the data flow business has become a major source of profit分析人士回应说,中断漫游费用,可能会给运营商带来巨大损失。




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