ag体育平台_百度拿到加州许可 自动驾驶汽车可上路测试

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ag体育平台|The U.S. subsidiary of Baidu Inc .a Chinese web services company,has been issued a permit to test self-drive vehicles in can The testing permit9月的第一周,加州汽车部门在百度公布了这项测试许可,允许百度美国分公司在加利福尼亚测试自己的自动驾驶技术。Head quartered in Beijing,中国,百度announced the formation of an autonomous driving team in the United States,As part of Baidu autute总部位于北京的百度宣布,位于北京的美国自动驾驶研究开发组正式成立,Following 14 other companies,Including German Auto Makers Mercedes Benz and BMW and u . s . auto Maker Ford,theBaidu has already built a strong team in silicon valley to develop autonomous driving technologies,And being able to do road tests will greatly And being able to do road tests本月初,一个网站引用了百度高级副总裁、百度自动驾驶组社长王振的话。“百度已经在硅谷建立了开发自动驾驶技术的强大团队,需要开展路面测试不会大大加快我们的研发进展。




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